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Radial gate

Radial gates are used for controlling water level.


The damming body of radial gates is part of a cylindrical area with rotation axis usually in the  cylinder area axis. The strength induced by water pressure is transmitted from the damming plate reinforced with a system of stringers and crossbars to the main carrying system supported with segment arms.In the segment rotation axis, the arm ends are provided with self-lubricating bearings through which the load is transmitted to the structure. With lift radial gates, the upper water level is controlled by the outflow under the body. Release radial gates control the level by overflow over the damming body. Flap radial gates are used for large damming heights. Two-piece radial gates enable high controllability-water level by overflow over the upper body at high damming heights.


segmentsklapkouznojmo nahled

Radial gate with control flap.



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